APSCMI– Institut Mérieux Young Investigator Award
July 24, 2018


APSCMI– Institut Mérieux Young Investigator Award 


Infectious disease is a major public health issue worldwide. The Institut Mérieux and its entities have been committed for many years in the fight against infectious diseases in particular the issues with Anti-Microbial Resistance. In order to provide an incentive for promising young investigators working in these fields, Institut Mérieux has decided to allocate several awards worldwide to researchers or clinicians at the beginning of their carrier in recognition of a major achievement having significant impact. Asia-Pacific Society of clinical Microbiology and infection (APSCMI) is a professional society for clinical Microbiologists and infectious diseases specialist in Asia Pacific region. Institut Mérieux and APSCMI launch this young investigator award for researchers or clinicians in Asia-Pacific Region.  
Selection criteria 

Researchers and / or Clinicians who are currently serving on a full time basis in hospitals /research institutions / teaching institutions in countries of Asia-Pacific region.

With less than 10 years of either clinical practice experience or < 10 years of working experience in clinical microbiology after their M.D / Ph.D.
Involved and made significant contribution in a research work on the topics of antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, innovative methods in faster microbiology diagnosis, innovative methods in using clinical microbiology information for infection prevention and control, clinical education / awareness programs (regional and / or national) for combating antimicrobial resistance, innovative approach for surveillance on infectious diseases (including MDRO but not limited to), or any similar work in the field of infectious diseases.
Having collaboration with researchers/ clinicians from other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.
Indicators of impact from the work could be either publication(s) in prominent international journals and / or implementation of guidelines / protocols having led to significant improvements in the following area.
Selection process and Conditions.
Applications form can be downloaded from the APSCMI website. The completed application along with a recommendation letter from the host institution where the nominee is working at the time of application for the award should reach APSCMI through email (mdcpat@nus.edu.sg) on or before 11th August 2018. Use only the provided format.
Members of executive council of APSCMI will assess the applications and will choose two or three suitable applications, which will be forwarded to the external scientific board of Institut Mérieux with their recommendations for the selection of the laureate.  The external scientific board of Institut Mérieux will evaluate the candidature of applicants and choose only one as alaureate for the year 2018. The Institut Mérieux keeps the possibility not to allocate any award if none of the proposal is meeting minimum qualification for the award. 

Institut Mérieux will notify APSCMI the name of the laureate for the year 2018. APSCMI will organize an award ceremony during its 17th Asia-Pacific Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infection (APCCMI), 30th Aug 2018.

In order to receive the award money, which is not exceeding €10,000 (Euro Ten thousand), the institution hosting the laureate should engage an agreement with Institut Mérieux. The award money will be transferred only to the hosting institution of the laureate, and the institution will hold responsibility for proper utilization of the support for further research of the laureate.

To download the Applicaton Form here